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What To Expect At Your Visit

Client centered approach that allows us to highlight your strengths to enhance your coping skills to overcome barriers or symptoms that have impacted your ability to function at your previous capacity. We will collaborate on the most effective treatment approach that can include:

Cognitive behavioral approaches, Behavior modification, and/or Psychoeducation. I have been working in the field of Mental Health utilizing holistic care for: Depression, Grief, Anxiety, Trauma, Relationships, Child/Parenting, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Intake Session

Mental Health Assessment

Collaboration of Intervention and Treatment Goals

*Initial clients ONLY*


Routine Session

Weekly or Biweekly follow up sessions after Intake

Session to review goals, interventions, activities, and progress

*Can ONLY be booked After Intake Session*


Booster Session

Any clients AFTER graduation requesting continued services 


Life​ Skills​/Coaching

Assistance managing life transitions while enhancing an​d increasing coping skills

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